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Progress report 2015

In January 2015 in Berlin, the international conference "Russian civil society under pressure. The results for 2014" was conducted in cooperation with Heinrich Böll Foundation. The conference was attended by representatives of Russian, German, Czech, Belgian NGOs (30 organizations). At a panel discussion with representatives of leading Russian NGOs around 150 people were present. 

In March-October 2015, the project "Modern political emigration from Russia" was implemented. As part of this project, a number of events and presentations were held in Brussels Amsterdam, Hamburg, Prague, Leipzig, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Cologne and Lunenburg (12 events in total). 

During the year, representatives from various organizations were invited to take part in a number of events related human rights issues as experts in Brussels, Vilnius, Berlin, Jena, Zagreb, Stockholm, Warsaw, Lyon, Budapest and Tallinn. 

In September, the event "The repression against civil society in Russia" was held in cooperation with leading Russian NGOs in the framework of the annual Human Dimension Meeting ODIHR. 

We conducted more than 50 consultations on migration, freedom of assembly and freedom of association. 

During the year, we prepared reports on freedom of assembly, freedom of association, on reprisals against the civil society in Russia as well as on contemporary political emigration from Russia. Apart from that, we also prepared 6 analytical reports on human rights issues. Some of them have been translated into English and German. 

We published more than 1,200 publications on the human rights situation in Russia and related topics on the news and analytical portal, supervised by our orgnisation. Some of them are in English and German. 

Since July 2015, funding has been sought for the project Inside Russia on monitoring Russian regional mass media and translating the materials from the regions into English. 

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