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International Youth Exchanges

One of the goals of SOLIDARUS is to promote mutual understanding between European citizens. International youth exchanges and forums for youth workers and educators is one of the ways to achieve this goal.

What Our International
Exchanges Are About 

The main idea of such youth exchanges is to support young people from Europe and neighboring countries, including Russia and CIS countries, to find their way to live together in diverse society. Different aspects of such issues as Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue, Democracy and Youth Participation, Human Rights and (anti)Discrimination, Identity and Social Inclusion etc. become topics of our youth exchanges and experts’ forums. We invite participants to explore these topics not only on social, but also on personal level.

Non-formal citizenship education and intercultural dialogue is the main focus of our international youth exchanges. Such meetings of young people from different countries give opportunities to their participants not only to experience intensive interactions in the frames of planned programmes and on personal level with their peers, but also to discuss in open dialogue topical social issues, to reflect challenges of today’s life and to raise awareness of different perspectives on them.

Our Methodology

For that we try to create a space where participants of our projects can exchange their ideas, get new experience, train their social skills, examine their attitudes and reflect on their values. 

Our projects are implemented with methods of non-formal education that promote interaction and reflection. Participant are invited to take part in discussions, simulation games, meetings and visits, opinion sharing and other interactive methods. We encourage them to share their personal opinions as well as gain new perspectives on social issues and themselves by working individually, in different small groups and in plenary.*

Our Network

In this work we cooperate with organizations from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Estonia, Spain, Italy, other German institutions and open for new partners!

How our projects are funded

Our youth exchanges and youth workers’ forums are financed by European and German foundations.

Coordinator of International Youth Exchanges

Mikhail Zhukov, who coordinates this work, has been engaged in the field of international youth exchanges and non-formal citizenship education since 2009. As a co-organizer and a trainer (member of educational team) he has been involved in more than 50 international meetings for young people, youth workers and educators – first as a representative of Russian NGO “Interactive’, and later working in Germany.

Mikhail Zhukov studied History and Psychology at Yaroslavl Pedagogical University as well as Social Philosophy and Political Science at universities of Moscow and Bamberg (Germany). In 2009-12 he was a fellow of Ford Foundation Fellowship Programme. Today he does a research in the field of non-formal histrio-political (citizenship) education at the University of Rostock (Germany). Besides of getting experience in international youth exchanges he has participated in seminars and trainings, organized by Council of Europe, National Agencies of programme “Youth in Action” / “Erasmus+”, and other European institutions. He worked as a lecture at a University.

He has several professional awards and number of publications, including ones with focus on international youth work and non-formal education

CV of M.Zhukov

Email: [email protected]

*Our approach is described more detailed in the following publications:

International Youth Exchange and Non-formal Education. Synergetic effect

Реализация идей неформального гражданского образования в практике международных молодёжных обменов. На примере обмена, посвященного теме исторической памяти

Неформальное образование как инновационная практика организации международных молодёжных обменов

c/o Alexey Kozlov
Torgauer Str. 63
12627 Berlin

Email: [email protected]
Phone/fax: +491781723827

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